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Who is Josh Mancuso?

 The first Baton Rouge produced Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt and the only 1st Degree IBJJF Certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in the city, a Brown Belt in Judo under Doug Fournet, and the Louisiana Director for the Soul Fighters BJJ Team. Josh has been training jiu jitsu for over 10 years and has been teaching BJJ in South Louisiana for many of those years to hobbyist and competitors alike. Not only coach to many jiu jitsu practitioners, but also coach and cornerman to many local Mixed Martial Arts fighters. Josh has competed in many jiu jitsu tournaments, super fights, and continues to stay actively competing. His passion is spreading jiu jitsu as far and as wide as he can. With the hopes of it touching others in the same life changing way it has touched him. 

I have been fortunate in my life to train and be coached by some of the best in the world. From national champions to Olympic gold medalist, I have had the fortune to learn as much as a could about wrestling and grappling. Having been able to train under Josh Mancuso, my luck has just continued. I would put his technical knowledge of grappling against any of the best in the world in any discipline. It is not his depth of knowledge, however, that makes him a great mentor. His approach to training, his discipline, and his expectations he has of himself and his students, I believe is what transcends his coaching ability. At the end of the day, he reminds you that he is human too, that he struggles just like the rest of us to perfect his art, which that humility in itself is inspiring. Josh is a fine teacher, vicious competitor and humble friend that I feel blessed to be able to learn from and train with. You would be making a mistake to not take advantage of learning his great, effective grappling techniques. I highly recommend it to elevate your game.

— Head Wrestling Coach Jesuit High - Sheridan Moran

Josh is a very caring martial artist. Not only does he strive to be a better athlete every day, he works to become a better teacher and most importantly a better human being. That’s why I highly recommend Josh’s school, because I know he will take care of anyone that steps on his mats.

— 10x Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion - Caio Terra



I’ve trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the coaching of Professor Josh Mancuso for 6 years. He has a unique gift to blend different ages, skill levels and goals. Whether the student is a person that uses BJJ as a hobby, as a competitor or an MMA fighter, Josh fosters an enjoyable environment where all 3 feel welcome and grow. Also, his ability to translate elite level knowledge of BJJ to his students is an art in itself. I enthusiastically recommend Professor Josh Mancuso to anyone who would like train and experience the beautiful art of Jiu jitsu

- Thad Rispone BJJ Purple Belt and Buisness Owner