FAQ? Please Watch This Video Before Class

Will I get hurt?

Any physical activity can lead to injury - and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in no exception - but because we place such care and our facility is specifically designed for these activities, we can keep you safe

The injury rate is extremely low, much lower than other sports like basketball, track, football, or other traditional sports.

We teach proper technique so that you don't hurt yourself.

We want you to go at your speed, which is why we have a basics program.

Some people learn at a slower tempo than others, and thats fine!

Will this be really hard on my body? Is it violent?

Not at all, it's fun. Any physical activity is taxing to the body, especially if you haven't been physically active. However that is a threshold that can easily be crossed. 

BJJ is not violent. 

Do I have to be athletic, flexible, or in good shape?

Nope! As a matter of fact people always say "I want to get in shape before I try BJJ" This is completely WRONG. You can't get in shape for BJJ, I have seen marathon runners fair worse than people who've never worked out before. BJJ is different and can't be specifically prepared for unless you do BJJ.

What should I bring to my first class?

Flip flops, and a towel if you plan to shower after class. 

Is sparring (rolling) required?

The simple answer is, NO! You can begin live training whenever you feel comfortable.